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A friend from San Jose visited us last weekend. He realized he picked a wrong period to visit Seattle. It was foggy and cold most of the day and he was caught in aghast seeing the sky getting dark at around 4.00pm. However, to entertain him for at least a part of the day we decided to make the usual Seattle stops – The Snoqualmie Falls, Pike Place and the clichéd Space Needle. Being the first time in Seattle he definitely did not mind. The first stop was Snoqualmie Falls .


This place never gets boring. We have been here so many times but it looks different every time. We have seen it green during spring, white during snow, with so much water in late spring and sometimes we end up there and returned without seeing the falls due to heavy fog. This time it was again a very different falls. With sudden increase in the Washington weather all the snow melted up to cause floods in most of the areas. That is the reason behind this enormous water flow. This enormous water flow causing a heavy mist made the view lot different this time. To add there was this usual Seattle drizzle. We could not stay there for long and definitely did not want to hike down, so hopped back into the car and planned to venture some of the downtown area. Pike Place was the next stop.


6806 Railroad Ave SE  Fall City, WA 98024




If you visit Seattle and go back without visiting Pike Place then you just have committed a crime. This is one of the most vibrant places you will see in the entire united states. You can keep walking up and down the market place and never get bored because there are so many activities and local business that interests all kinds of people. This market is nearly 100 years old and is a home for so many fresh foods, delicious products like Pasta, Jellies, fresh sea food and beautiful artifacts. Right at the entrance there are two things that you got to take a picture for your album or postcard – The Public Market Sign and ‘Rachel’-the brass pig.



The next attraction at this Pike Place market is the Rowdy fish-mongers who shout the orders and are experts in tossing customer’s order(fish) across the counter. You can see so many food joints but no chain fast foods which is a good thing. Also facing the market is the world’s first Starbucks which was opened in 1971. Check out the logo of this Starbucks in the picture here.



This was their first logo which this store still uses, however the other stores have changed theirs. One fascinating thing about Starbucks is that even they sell their products at an exorbitant price, there is always a line in all their stores. There are so many street musicians performing in so many spots in the market. Some very talented. I usually like bringing back some fesh fish from Pure Food store. They don’t toss their fish but sell at a very good price. This market closed at 5.30pm so I you plan to go there be early. 


78 Pike street 
Seattle, WA 98101


space needle


After this we spent some time near the Space Needle and took some pictures there and came back home.


400 Broad Street Seattle Ctr, Seattle, WA 98101 

This is the Route we followed.